Letters To My Son

My son is literally my heart walking outside of my body. He is my biggest responsibility besides myself, and sometimes it scares me. What if I’m not around when he really needs me? What if when he gets older, he forgets the things that I teach him? I don’t plan on leaving this earth until he’s like 90, but what if I’m older and struggling with dementia and at the point in time, he really needs some advice?? What if he’s at college and doesn’t want to bother me with a phone call, but needs help or my opinion about a woman he’s interested in?? Because of these questions, I created Letters To My Son. When the mood hits, or he does something worth a mention for his toddler years that I know he won’t remember or some advice pops in my head that I want his future self to know, I pull out my custom stationary and put the pen to paper! The letters I have written so far are kept in a keepsake box waiting for the future man to read.

Some letters, I’ll write on here. The ones that could help someone here in some way some how, like my letter on “How to treat a woman”, things like that! Enjoy.




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