And Then There Was Asthma…..BREATHE!

There’s a lot of things that are horrible in the world, but at this very moment and in my here and now-Asthma is the WORST.

The kid’s party was this past Saturday, April 8th (I promise I will share the details about that in a later post) and the winds were pretty fierce that day. While he enjoyed his birthday party, he took home a gift from mother nature-a cold. I’m talking runny nose, watery eyes, he was just a complete mess. Fast forward to his actual birthday, April 10th, he wasn’t his usual self, he was pretty chill, and not running around the house, yelling and jumping, just really mellow. Now, anyone that has come in contact with my son, knows that chill isn’t something he does. He is very energetic, very vocal and extremely busy ALL THE TIME. He even runs in his sleep. YES, I mean little dude really dreams and kicks his legs like he’s running. We invited some friends and family over for a BBQ, cake and the opening of gifts and it was a good time…..until the wheezing started. So I spring into action, go into his bathroom, grab the nebulizer (breathing machine), and start taking all the compartments out only to find that there are parts missing. WHAT IN ALL FUCKS!?!!! I don’t have time for this shit. He needs a treatment ASAP. So I grab and get him to just sit down while I call every pharmacy imaginable to find this missing part. Finally I find one and send baby daddy to the pharmacy. He goes, grabs the part and comes back. Success! By this time, the kid is no longer wheezing and is his normal self. Now, I’m not a fan of medicine, and I am definitely not a fan of giving medicine when its not needed. So I decided to not give him a treatment as he was fine.

1:32 AM. He was sleeping and then all of a sudden his breathing starts to become labored. Now for those of you who aren’t familiar with this, labored breathing is when its hard to breathe or abnormal breathing is present. Instead of a normal pattern of breathing, theres a struggle that can include: chest and ribs going up and down heavily, grunting and nasal flaring. In his case, his rib cage was going up and down heavily and you could see his body working overtime to breathe. Then the wheezing started. I spring into action yet again! Grab everything I need, wake him up and start the treatment. Now usually, the treatment works within the 10 minutes it takes for all the medicine to absorb. In this instance, the shit just wasn’t working. Grab him, the keys and a blanket and I’m off. All I hear is baby daddy in the distance-“I can come with youuu”. I yell back, “no its ok. You stay here!!!”. I promise you, you couldn’t tell me that I was not a part of The Fast of Furious crew. Get to the children’s ER and they rush him back. PERFECT. Lets get this show on the road!

Now I’ve been in this situation before, I know the drill, they give him a breathing treatment, give him a steroid, monitor him and we are off back home just in time for maybe another 2-3 hours of sleep before breakfast. NOT. THIS. TIME.

They start him off with a steroid and then 1 hour breathing treatment. It’s still not opening his airways like they would like. Here comes the second 1 hour treatment. He STILL is not where he needs to be. Then I hear, “We have to get him on an IV”. My head starts turning because this has never happened before. I’m trying to stay calm so he doesn’t realize mommy is about to go bat shit! They prep him for the IV, get it in and here we go. IV fluids and a magnesium drip has started for the win. 15 minutes into the drip, the team comes in and tells me “If this doesn’t work, we have to admit him into the ICU”.

THE IC WHAT?????????? ICU??????????? NO NO NO-you have to be shitting me. 


Turns out his lungs were still weak and the wheezing was still very present. About an hour and half into the magnesium drip, the kid falls asleep and the team comes in and listens to his lungs and they say:

“mom are you ready to go home, because he’s getting discharged”

SWEET BABY JESUS! YES!!!!! They give him a popsicle and send us home with a new inhaler. We are one day in and he has to take four puffs every four hours for the next two days, he absolutely hates it and it’s a struggle but thats OK, because he’s home! There was no extended hospital stay, no ICU, just home. Now, I can BREATHE!

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When I tell you motherhood is the best worst thing ever, I really mean it. I would NEVER trade it for the world. Never trade my little boy for anything and couldn’t imagine life without him, like no really-what was I doing before him (besides having a great sex drive and no stretch marks), I really don’t know what life was before him~so these little scares with asthma fucking suck. Because I have no control over it and whats worst than not having control over the things that come to your child??! Theres nothing worse than watching your kid feel any type of pain and again, have NO CONTROL over it.

Shout out to my mamas that are nursing their babies back to health. Shout out to those mamas that are coping with a very sick child and trying to stay positive through it all. Shout out to all the mamas everywhere for well, just being mamas. You are doing GREAT!

-Yes, I’m That Mom

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