Dear son, how to treat a woman 101

To my baby,

You know your mama, and I am a pretty cut throat person. By the time you read this, you fully understand that your mama has no filter. Period. I am the first woman you loved. I am the woman that has taught you how to love. I am the only woman that will love you in the way that I love you but one day, a woman will win your heart. For those reasons alone, how you treat women will not only be a reflection of yourself, but of me as well. You are to always treat any woman you are dating or decide to be in a relationship with the upmost respect. I’m sure I will have more of these letters but these are some basics I always want you to keep close to the vest:

You will never call her anything outside of her name. Be respectful. No matter what she does, you will never call a woman outside of her name.  She may be acting like a bitch, but you always maintain control. That is not your right. You leave that to me if it ever gets that serious. 😉

Never judge her. Who are you to judge? You may not remember this, but at one point in your life, you used to shit in your pants and I had to wipe your little dick from piss. You ain’t never been perfect and you never will be.

Compliment her. It’s that simple. Choose the million things you like about her and compliment her from time to time. You don’t have to do it every second of the day or hell every day, but sometimes, let her know the things you appreciate about her. *If she requires any more than this-she is not the one for you, we don’t do needy women son)

Make her laugh. If you can make a woman laugh, you are opening up her heart. How do you think your daddy got me? 😉

Encourage her. Simple.

Respect her opinions. You don’t have to like them, but you will respect them.

You will always date her no matter the stage of the relationship. Take her out on dates, it doesn’t have to be this elaborate thing, but put some effort in something simple. A walk in the park. A picnic at the beach. Whatever! Just always date her.

Listen to her. There is a difference between listening and hearing her. You listen to her, you take in whole heartedly what she is saying to you.

You will always be responsible for your own actions and decisions. Own up to YOUR SHIT. That’s being a real man.

Never cheat. It’s no point. If you even have the idea to cheat, leave her. Which brings me to my last point…..for now…

Always tell the truth. No matter how fucked up it is, you always tell the truth. If you meet a girl and you just want to have sex with her and nothing more-TELL HER. If you are in a relationship, and she just isn’t doing it for you anymore, TELL HER. Here is some scenarios for you:

Her: “Do I look like I gained weight?” You: “Yeah, you still look good though, but more time in the gym won’t hurt.”

If she couldn’t handle the truth, then she shouldn’t of asked. It is not your job to hide the truth. Sometimes the truth hurts.

You meet a woman, you have sex, but you’ve decided she is not what you are looking for in a partner, BUT you like fucking her and actually enjoy spending some time with her.

Tell her and keep that communication going! If you are always telling the truth, you are doing your part.

I have many more things to teach you but these are my basics.

You will never be a fuck boy. You will not be a grown ass man acting like a boy. You will always treat women with respect, because you have a mama and she brought you in this world! 

By nature men and women are different. We all have our own frustrating set of idiosyncrasies. We have different ways of communicating. We have different ways of viewing things. We also have different ways of executing shit. But you will ALWAYS maintain the above because that son, makes you a man. That maintains your integrity. If you aren’t ready to do all of the above, then your ass shouldn’t be dating. You will NOT be responsible for hardening a woman’s heart. You will not be the reason a woman stops believing in love. You continue to grow within yourself and with that, that is when you will be prepared for the woman for you.

Your mama

mommy and son

-Yes, I’m That Mom

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