One name. Caillou.

This is just a rant mamas…

Today’s choice of television program was none other than….


For the record,

I CANNOT STAND CAILLOU. He is the spawn of Satan.

When the kid first started watching the show, I thought “This is really cute. A show that chronicles a 4 year old boy and all the challenges that toddlers face!”. After tuning in to a couple of episodes, my opinion of it was 50/50 and the verdict is still out.


  • I can’t stand his bright primary color ass house and patio. It just looks like a rainbow shitted EVERYWHERE!
  • I can’t stand his whiny voice. His voice sounds like nails on a chalkboard.
  • I hate that his parents don’t check him when he is acting up.
  • I hate that his parents enable his bad ass behavior.
  • The fact that his mama never loses her shit, it. just. pisses. me. off. It is such an unrealistic portrayal of motherhood. She has a baby and a toddler, now we know that she’s on the verge of locking herself in the bathroom with wine bottles and marijuana pipes.
  • The puppets are weird.


  • The show does chronicle important life lessons. Some of the episodes I can appreciate!
  • The diversity of Caillou’s friends. I love that he has a friend of every race. This is MY FAVORITE ASPECT of the show!
Again, this is just my rant. It’s not that serious.

Some may say-“Turn it off if you don’t like it, you’re the adult, you have the power.” To you I say you are absolutely right which brings me to my last pro….

It shuts the kid up for those 28 minutes. And damn it, I can use those 28 minutes maybe to piss in peace, read a quick magazine or do the dishes without him “wanting to help” So yeah thanks Caillou but you’re still an asshole.


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