Dear Mamas!

Hey Mama!

I am so tired today and I know that EVERY WOMAN in you is tired and worn the fuck out too and that’s OK. Your job never stops. It is a continuous job throughout the morning, noons and nights and is a taxing job nonetheless, but you show up for work every single day. There are no sick days, no PTO and there is no vacation. Even on your worst day-you show up and show out. And while you lay your head down at night trying to sleep the day away, you are still working. You still feel as if you have the weight of the world of your shoulders and  through it all, there is always a worry that you aren’t doing your best.

Listen to me-there is sooo much perfection in your mistakes. There is sooo much love in the things that you may see as failures.

These children were given to YOU because YOU are what they need and they are what you NEED. You have the heart to do it when you are exhausted, and feel that you can’t do it for another second. You have the SOUL to love them even on your worst day. Your kisses and touch makes everything better for them. Your smile soothes them even when you feel like crying. Your happiness is their happiness. You are their place of comfort. You represent security, strength, warmth and love. 

They say that it takes a village to raise a child and to catch you when you fall but for those that may not have that village, you catch your damn self.  You represent security strength, warmth and love. 

So many of us strive to be the perfect mom and that is what you are doing WRONG.

I want you to strive to be the BEST VERSION OF YOU. Not the perfect mama.

Because YOU is what your child or children need. YOU. Just YOU.

Motherhood is some life changing shit not just for those kids, but for you. Don’t loose yourself. Be YOU, because that’s PERFECTION.

Rise up ladies, put on your fucking crowns and wear that hell out of it. You breathe it, live and OWN IT!  In chaos there is beauty and that is what you are.


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  1. There’s boldness in motherhood, and in this article. I hope many walk away with a sense of empowerment and love, just the way they are.

  2. There is no perfection in anything. The flaws are what makes each of us unique. As an empty nester, I can say that every motherhood journey is intensely flawed yet each of us is smiling at our successes.

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