About sections are always so damn AWKWARD! Like what would I write about myself? I feel like I should hire someone to do this part, but I don’t have the time for that, so here goes!

I’m a sunny Southern California native. Los Angeles to be exact. I am a graphic designer. I own a mobile bakery. I build websites. And I am a mom! Had a kid in my 30’s and it was the best, worst decision I ever made! I curse, I cry, I yell, I sometimes am too much on the line of crazy more than what I would like. So I’m pretty much winging it right now, trying to be the best mom I can to my little toddler boy, all the while navigating this life shit while trying to maintain my sanity. Because motherhood is hard. It’s fucking hard! I’m not the perfect mom, I make mistakes and I question my parenting skills OFTEN but in my imperfections, I’m perfect to that little kid of mine. Yes, I’m That Mom.



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