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The Big 3!

So today marks the kid’s THIRD Birthday, but this post isn’t his celebratory post. It’s MINE! Happy freaking 3rd anniversary of me giving me birth! Something that I thought I would never be able to do, I am officially three years in! In 2013, the doctors told me: “It’ll be very difficult for you to conceive. We aren’t saying that…

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Way Back Wednesdays

I do a lot of reflecting on my past 3 years as a mom, so I’ll share them here! Honestly, some of you probably don’t care about my nostalgic moments, and that’s fine, but some may enjoy these stories and can relate. And then again, at the end of the day, its not for you, its for me. For me,…

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Letters To My Son

My son is literally my heart walking outside of my body. He is my biggest responsibility besides myself, and sometimes it scares me. What if I’m not around when he really needs me? What if when he gets older, he forgets the things that I teach him? I don’t plan on leaving this earth until he’s like 90, but what…

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Yes, I’m That Mom

April 10, 2014-my life changed forever. Through all the unsolicited advice, friends, family, and the strangers telling me what I should or shouldn’t do to prepare for this arrival, NOTHING could have prepared me for it. When you don’t have kids, you think you kind of have a understanding on what motherhood entails. You come up with this plan on how you’re going to…

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The Shit They Don’t Share About Motherhood

I wrote this for another site..but wanted to share here! You’re pregnant and you hear so many things but you don’t hear the real shit. You’re welcome. Some things I’ve learned: You will never be the same person. EVER. And that’s a GOOD thing. There is no script about being a mother. The books, the advice-take it with a grain…

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